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Why I March Today – January 21st, 2017

I march because I value the respect and dignity all people deserve, no matter their gender, their race, or their sexual preference. I march because this very respect and dignity cannot be taken for granted, something we are increasingly reminded [&hellip…


Today (in America)

Today, love can trump hate, wisdom can trump ignorance, tolerance can trump bigotry, inclusiveness can trump division, hope can trump fear, and on and on. Today, Americans can proudly affirm these truths which to so many of us are self [&hellip…


The Weekend Before the US Election… Again

In 2008 on the weekend before the general election, I sat down in my Geneva home, took my guitar and wrote, “Morning in America.” It pretty much wrote itself, actually. Like many, I was imbued with a deep sense of [&hellip…