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The Weekend Before the US Election… Again

In 2008 on the weekend before the general election, I sat down in my Geneva home, took my guitar and wrote, “Morning in America.” It pretty much wrote itself, actually. Like many, I was imbued with a deep sense of hope and pride in the direction my country was taking.

Here I am again. Like many, I could not be in a more different place than back in 2008 as I am filled with a deep sense of concern for the direction the US has taken. I still believe the election result will be in the right direction, but cannot see much else that is going in that direction, and fear that the real divides in America will only be more on display post election. I doubt I will find inspiration to write music this weekend, though I certainly have found real inspiration in casting my absentee ballot. I have never found a more profound sense of purpose in casting a vote in my lifetime. Maybe there is a song in there yet…

Listen to “Morning in America”


For the Many Heroes on this Memorial Day

I want to recognise the brave young men and women that have put themselves into harms way to defend our country and freedoms. They deserve to be commended and thanked.  I wrote this for that purpose…


Life is What Happens…

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans” is a line from one of many new songs I have been creating.  Indeed, it is so true that we make plans and then life intrudes, for good and for bad.  For everyone that comes to my site, I apologise for the months of silence, which have neither been my plan or in line with the communicate approach I have always tried to follow.

Stay tuned for more news, and thank you for continuing to check in. I continue to be touched by all of the views and comments that come in, and the connections I learn of with the music, the lyrics, the sentiments, and more.  This is the reason I create.

Thank you,