"Often the melodies remind me of some of the best of early Paul Simon." Jack Goodstein of
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“Enjoy It All” – Good Advice Today, Inspired by An Icon of Yesterday

Hello everyone, Hope you are well and keeping safe. As we continue our journeys, all somewhat different, through the arc of this pandemic, we all take solace in different things. I decided to share a song I had written in [&hellip…


Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today

Hello everyone, As I sit at home, like most of us, I am grateful for many things, big and small. We all have to endure this pandemic, and all the ways it has affected and changed our lives. I want [&hellip…


“Take Time” to begin this new decade…Welcome 2020!

Happy new year everyone! Sharing my new year’s song, “Take Time,” once again… I hope everyone is having a mellow start to the year: “Don’t turn on the news For one day, we can say, “Take a break,” Cause it’s [&hellip…


Happy Father’s Day

As the proud father of three wonderful daughters, I want to wish all the dads out there a very happy Father’s day! Nobody ever said it was easy to be a parent, and it isn’t, but it certainly is worth [&hellip…


Thanks to My New Fans at an Amazing Resort in Portugal

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of spending a week in Portugal at the Penha Longa Resort to celebrate my birthday, relax, and get to know the country better. The warmth and service I received was second to none, and [&hellip…