"Often the melodies remind me of some of the best of early Paul Simon." Jack Goodstein of
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Gregg Robins started out as a classical clarinetist, performing a broad classical repertoire at an early age. As a teenager, he added alto saxophone and ventured beyond the classical stage into jazz improvisation, a passion extended more recently to klezmer, which harks back to his East European roots. These roots have led him to spend decades traveling in and working with Russia. Gregg is a native of the Bronx, New York, who has traveled a journey from high school dropout to Oxford Phd.

Gregg’s album, “Snowing in April” he describes it as “an upbeat, new chapter on my path as a singer-songwriter. In its simplicity and raw approach it is catchy, humorous and playful, yet reflective and thoughtful on different aspects of life: believing in and knowing ourselves, holding to our ideals, finding true love and appreciating how special it is, while journeying from big, snowy cities to beautiful islands in the sun.” Following on his critically acclaimed debut, Gregg has evolved in his songwriting style and capability, including through coursework at the Berklee College of Music. This underscores Gregg’s core belief that we should never stop learning and growing in life.

Gregg launched his debut album, “Everything that Matters,“ at the end of October 2011. The album represents a journey across the spectrum of human emotion and experience: from heartbreak to love, separation to reuniting, to the euphoria of an historic election and the spirit and saga of soldiers far away. Drawing on a range of musical styles and influences from classical to jazz, and Russian and American folk-rock, Gregg’s songs range from haunting ballads to sing-out-loud, clap-along tunes, such as the winning track “If I Could Be There.” While the songs vary musically, the common thread is the lyrics, which are honest, forthright, and hopeful.

The album has received critical acclaim, including such favorable comparisons as: “often the melodies remind me of some of the best of early Paul Simon,” and “his song-writing style draws similarities to Cat Stevens.” The track for the soldiers “Heroes,” is described by critics as “masterful, with such heart and passion hard to capture in song.” Critics describe the music as “always smoothly captivating,” with an “infectious honesty.” They write that it is “melodically, beautifully simple,” and offers “one of the most uncommon of delights – an exploration amongst very familiar landmarks that somehow feels brand new.”

Gregg said recently in an exclusive interview on, “I am passionate about life, my family and friends, and my experiences living in and traveling around this vastly complex world. My music is both a personal calling and journey and an outlet to articulate my feelings and views on various issues – a highly personal way to share these with others. Although I have been blessed with a life rich in experiences, I define myself more in terms of my passions and values than in terms of my resumé.”