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USC Drama Student, Hollis Brown, Presents Limerick Readings in Youtube Video

The talented Hollis Brown, USC School of Dramatic Arts, class of 2024, created a series of dramatic readings with sound effects for selected limericks from the first chapter of “A patient Man Named Joe Watched Trump Refuser to Go…”  Her readings are accompanied in a new Youtube video by illustrations from Charity Russell which appear in the book.

Limericks Mentioned in Tribune de Genève Blog on Humour and Politics

In his blog, frequent Geneva commentator on politics and policy, Danny Warner, discusses humour and politics, making reference to “A Patient Man Named Joe Watched Trump Refuse to Go…,” citing several of the limericks in the book, as well as other forms of humour in challenging times.

Read “Humpty Trumpty Fell off a Wall: Some Thoughts on Laughter and Humor,” by Danny Warner.

Gregg Talks about Health and His New Book of Political Satire with Dr. Robert Silverman

Gregg had a lively conversation with Dr. Rob about a range of health ideas, ranging from fasting to breathing exercises.  He also shared some thoughts and limericks from his new book.