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Pages of My Life

I remember summer days, heading out to play
Walking on the baseball field, I felt so proud each day
Years before my Dad went out and also did the same
And through his eyes I learned to love and so respect the game
I never thought that it could all just change

…as the pages of my life are rearranged

All around the world, postcards I would send
My grandparents always waiting on the other end
They so cherished every card and news I could pass on
They gave me something special I could always count upon
They saved all the cards, but one day they were gone

…as the pages of my life just carry on

Imagine just for a day
All back together, so much to say
Stories past, and stories yet untold
A generation new to unfold

Setting up the Seder table as the guests appear
The meal so rich and plentiful each and every year
All begin to speak at once and no one can be heard
Getting in their points of view with each and every word
I now miss the noise that then seemed so absurd

…as the pages my life reveal their words

A meal to share still grander than before
A walk to take perhaps down by the shore
Imagining is nice but for a time
For we know this day exists only in our mind

So, listen to me children, for you have what I’ve not
Treasure people in your life, for they’re all you’ve got
Never take for granted the time that they can share
Honor them, and show them, how much you really care
For one day they may no longer be there

It was supposed to last forever, always from the start
I never knew the absence I could feel within my heart
And as I now grow older I do learn

…that the pages of our lives so quickly turn

2009 Gregg Robins