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Critics Weigh in With Praise for Singer-Songwriter Gregg Robins’ Debut CD ‘Everything That Matters’ … see what they’ve been saying:

“Often the melodies remind me of some of the best of early Paul Simon.”

“His song-writing style draws similarities to Cat Stevens”

A “particular resonance”

“Melodically, Robins’ songs are beautifully simple” “Emotional sincerity is the hallmark of this album” “A crisp, spacious sounding set”

“His vocals are filled with the dramatic strength of his emotions. The musical arrangements move elegantly between the simple and understated and the lushly orchestrated, effectively complementing his songs’ dramatic arcs.”

“The music…is always smoothly captivating”

“An album with a musical underpinning that keeps providing these small bursts of sunlight and surprise. Taken together, they make this one of the most uncommon of delights — an exploration amongst very familiar landmarks that somehow feels brand new.”

“Songs that provide a detailed roadmap as Robins rediscovers love and ultimately reconnects with his long-lost daughters”

“There is an infectious honesty about his music. Whether he is singing about his feelings about the 2008 election as he looks at it from outside the country in “Morning in America,” or his reflections on the anniversary of his loss of contact with his three daughters in “Memories and Yesterdays,” his emotional commitment always seems genuine.”

A “journey of human emotions and experiences.”

“Robins’ song “Heroes” tells the story of soldiers returning home. He does it masterfully and with such heart and passion, which is hard to capture in song.”

“The gentleness of his sound is noticed right from the beginning”