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A Lifetime of Learning…

I am a great believer that learning fuels not only our minds, but our souls.  I am always so happy to see my three teenage daughters and hear about all they are taking in, discovering, planning to learn, and more.  As we get older it becomes more, not less important to keep on our journey of discovery.  As a singer-songwriter, I continue to learn in a variety of ways. First, and foremost, from my fans and supporters, and all the terrific feedback I get on songs I have released and also ideas for new ones. I am so incredibly grateful for this feedback.  Second, the Berklee College of Music has enabled me through their distance learning to learn and grow in the areas of songwriting, guitar playing, and my vocals. It is one of the finest music schools in the world, and I cannot say enough good things about the experiences I have had with excellent courses, experienced and committed instructors, and talented fellow students.

I hope to continue my journey of learning and discovery for many years, and be the best singer-songwriter I can.  I wish you the same in all of your pursuits and more generally.



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  • On September 14th, 2013 at 6:24 pm Remy said:

    All the best! May joy be your companion along the way 🙂

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