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Back to the USA

Just back from a super trip to the States, including stops in New York, Virginia and DC.  This was the first visit back since the album launch, and what a delight it was to share the music and engage new fans.  In New York we had a nice celebration evening at the Campbell Apartment – a great place for those that have not been.  In DC, we caught up with Aaron Myers, host of the blog radio show “The Exchange” and signed some CDs for listeners as we promised on the show a couple of months ago.

Traveling around with my Baby Taylor Guitar prompted various discussions, including one embarrassing one on a sunny tarmac when a well-established music producer casually asked me what was in my bag and I replied simply, “a guitar…”  While carrying a guitar is a great way to meet people and talk about music, it is especially great for writing new music. Over these weeks I wrote a couple of new songs I am very proud of: “Paradise” and “How Lucky”, the latter is a fun, upbeat song about a strange afternoon in New York and it may well become the title track of my next album.

The political mood is heating up in the States, and I am thinking back to my song “Morning in America,” which I wrote in 2008, and that the times require new music about the changing face of the USA.  This is a topic I will return to going forward.

As ever, I wish you all the best, thank you for your support, and encourage you to comment and provide feedback and suggestions. Thanks,



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