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“Enjoy It All” – A Song for Robin Williams


Like so many of you, I was deeply saddened when I heard the news about Robin Williams. He was someone I did not know personally in any way, yet felt like I knew so very well. He made me laugh, a lot, but also made me think. He was someone I truly admired. I cannot remember a time before I began watching his films and laughing at his jokes.

His passing led me to write “Enjoy It All,” a song that reflected how I felt about the sad news and more generally about the times. I needed to find something good in it all.

I have no idea whether I achieved any of this, but I am happy to share “Enjoy It All ” with you, here in a simple home demo.

 Robin Williams once famously said, “Carpe Diem,” in Dead Poets Society. The sentiment of this song is meant to be something similar, and I hope he might have liked and appreciated it.

Enjoy the day, enjoy the night
Enjoy the time you have
Enjoy the people in your life
Enjoy the good and the bad

Enjoy the laughter and the tears
Enjoy the grand and the small
Enjoy the highs and the lows
Enjoy…Enjoy it all


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