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More Decades, and Many More Guns Later…

James Brady just passed away, decades after he was critically injured in 1991 by a bullet intended for the President of the United States.  Not only did Brady survive the shooting, but he became a crusader for gun control legislation in his name, supported, in fact, by the very president that was the target on the day Brady was shot.  But since 1991, guns and gun violence have increased dramatically in America, rather than the reverse, despite the efforts of Brady and many other brave individuals to stop the trend.  I continue to believe and hope that the day will come when solutions will be implemented and there will be far less tragic and unnecessary loss of life in America as a result of guns.

I am sharing today my song, “Not Again,” with my thoughts and feelings on this issue in remembrance of James Brady and in recognition of all the determined people that have continued to follow similar paths on such a worthy cause.  I am particularly moved and encouraged by the efforts of Richard Martinez with his #notonemore campaign.  Click here to listen to “Not Again.”


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