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“Why” I Write Music

As a singer-songwriter, I am very often asked “how” I write music. This is a very fair question, and one that has interested me a great deal. Having thought about my own creative process, and read about a range of talented songwriters, I have come to the conclusion that there is no right way, or indeed there are many right ways, depending on one’s point of view.

I have, of late, thought much more about “why” I write music. And by this I do not mean why I write any particular song, but rather what motivates me to create music and to share it. The answer for me is very simple: I write music to express my deepest thoughts and feelings, in the hope that listening to my music will touch people. The greatest joy I receive from my music is hearing from people that listen to it, and learning what songs they enjoy and why. Over the years I have received many messages about my songs, and each one is special.

Recently, I was in touch with a good friend who was at the end of a long battle with illness. She told me that my songs were there when the illness began and now at the end, and thanked me for the joy they brought her. I only hope she realised the joy that her words and friendship brought me. The joy I derive from creating music is not measured by the number of fans or of songs sold, but in finding a special connection with another person through music. Indeed, I can think of artists I deeply admire and some of their songs that have become a part of me, and taken on real meaning in my life. Knowing that another person can experience that with my music is the greatest gift I can receive.


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  • On February 3rd, 2014 at 8:21 pm ronnie levin said:

    i saw your gift of writing music being born when you were living in our home…….and your saxaphone playing wasn’t too shabby either…… glad you get joy from writing and recording…..

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