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“Not Again” Views Grow…

Gregg’s song tribute to victims of gun violence now has more than 2,000 views, and listeners are clearly spending time with the song.  Sadly, tragic and senseless shootings continue. Listen to and view the video, and spread the word and say “not again” to gun violence.

Gregg Passes 1,000 Fans on Jango Radio Airplay

Gregg has made a range of songs available for listeners on the Jango Radio Airplay service.  He has discovered fans from many countries around the world, with varied demographics and broad interest in a wide variety of songs.

Anyone interested in having a listen can click on Gregg’s Jango Radio Airplay Profile…. Enjoy!

Gregg’s YouTube Views Pass 5,000

Gregg’s YouTube videos range from concert clips to podast interviews about his albums, and a lot of recent activity has centred on the song “Not Again” that Gregg wrote to speak out against rising levels of gun violence in the US.

Click here to visit Gregg’s YouTube channel