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French Edition, “Silenzio, sonne l’alarme !,” is Now Available

The first translation of “Silenzio, Sound the Alarm!,” has now been released in French.  Translated by Stéphanie Moreau, the book is now available on and in bookstores.

“Enjoy It All” – Good Advice Today, Inspired by An Icon of Yesterday

Hello everyone,

Hope you are well and keeping safe. As we continue our journeys, all somewhat different, through the arc of this pandemic, we all take solace in different things. I decided to share a song I had written in 2014 for someone I admired a great deal and mourned when he died, even though we had never met in person – Robin Williams. The chorus of this song felt right in the current moment:

Enjoy the day, enjoy the night
Enjoy the time you have
Enjoy the people in your life
Enjoy the good and the bad

Enjoy the laughter and the tears
Enjoy the grand and the small
Enjoy the highs and the lows
Enjoy it all

The last verse of this song makes reference to a pandemic, which at the time was around the Ebola virus – thankfully never realising the vast fear of the damage it could do across the world.

I never released the song, apart from this home demo….one day.

Stay well and stay safe, and enjoy everything you can!

Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today

Hello everyone,

As I sit at home, like most of us, I am grateful for many things, big and small. We all have to endure this pandemic, and all the ways it has affected and changed our lives. I want to send my most sincere wishes to all of you and your families to keep safe, healthy, and sane. This too shall pass, and we shall emerge stronger.

But as we remain in the thick of it, I wanted to share a thought that has helped me and turned into a new song which I am in the process of recording with others and sharing. We need to remain positive and not become overwhelmed, so taking one day at a time helps, and believing the next day can be better than the one before.

As the chorus of my song goes:

Times in our lives

That are harder than the rest

Times in our lives when we’re put to the test

And in these times we must, and we will always say

Tomorrow will be better, better than today

May it be so…