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“Take Time” to begin this new decade…Welcome 2020!

Happy new year everyone! Sharing my new year’s song, “Take Time,” once again… I hope everyone is having a mellow start to the year:

“Don’t turn on the news
For one day, we can say, “Take a break,”
Cause it’s just giving us the blues…”

Happy Father’s Day

As the proud father of three wonderful daughters, I want to wish all the dads out there a very happy Father’s day! Nobody ever said it was easy to be a parent, and it isn’t, but it certainly is worth it

I love to share this song and video for the occasion, and I hope you will like it…

“Believe” this Father’s Day

Thanks to My New Fans at an Amazing Resort in Portugal

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of spending a week in Portugal at the Penha Longa Resort to celebrate my birthday, relax, and get to know the country better. The warmth and service I received was second to none, and I was so pleased to share my music with the great team there. The team there exceeded my expectations throughout the week I was with them, and to my surprise and delight they continued to do so well after I had left. I received this wonderful presentation called “Music to Our Ears” – click below – of photos, featuring my CDs displayed by teams across the resort.  I extend my deepest gratitude to all of the team at Penha Longa, and for all those reading this recommend you visit with them at some point for a truly incredible experience.

Music to our ears