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Latest Interview on Life, Music, and the Songs He Wished He’d Written

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Have you set any ultimate goals with your music career?

My goals are actually quite simple: to write, record, and perform more songs that I am proud of and that touch people. In doing so I hope to grow as a singer-songwriter both in terms of the direction the music takes, and the topics the songs address. I have already written my second album and perhaps part of my third, and am most delighted that the new music has taken on a fun, more playful character. “Everything that Matters” is largely a serious album but, as I mentioned, an honest one in terms of where I was mentally and emotionally.

Naturally, as I develop my music and expand my body of work, I would love to expand my fan base and reach.  This is happening now, and there is nothing more joyful than learning of new fans and understanding why people like and are drawn to the music.  If at the same time the critics can continue to write positive and meaningful reviews about the music, then of course that would be a huge bonus.

That is my take on this question, and as I am just launching my career as a singer-songwriter, the term “ultimate goals” sounds a bit daunting and premature. But there are certainly things I would like very much to accomplish. As a regular viewer and enormous fan of Jon Stewart, I would like to be a guest on the Daily Show. I do a pretty good Jon Stewart impersonation, by the way… To be honest, I think my songs, “Morning in America” and “Heroes” would resonate with him, especially the fundraising we are doing with “Heroes” for our veterans. There are also venues I would like to play, beginning with Montreux in Switzerland, and extending to the US, with New York being at the top of the list – it would be a sort of coming home to me…

Is there a special song out there that you wish you had written?

Again, a difficult question, and I am sure all songwriters could list many.  One that comes to mind is “Beautiful Day,” by U2, and I should mention that I really like the recent recording of it by Lee DeWyze.  We often listen to this song in the morning getting ready for the day as it lifts you up and gets the day going in a positive way. But more, it makes reference to the world around us and its many wonders. I love music that conveys a clear thought but that contains nuance and opens up into various directions.

I also have to mention “Dust in the Wind,” by Kansas.  This is a song that like a fine wine seems to get better with age, and speaks beautifully to a subject that is timeless.  The use of strings and the wonderful harmonies have enabled the song to be recorded in different versions, all of which are superb.

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