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From the Fans

There is nothing more satisfying for me as a singer-songwriter than hearing from and learning about my fans.

Creating music is a long, often very lonely process, involving fiddling about with chords, melodies, lyrics, and so on.  When the music is finally born and shared, that which touches me most is when my music touches you.

From time to time I want to share the feedback I receive from my fans, wherever they may be.  As I do, I want to thank them for engaging and sharing, as I thank all of you for being part of this journey and for your support. So, over to them!

“That first song is a real foot-stomper…!”
Jim – New York, USA

“…it was a welcome series of sounds, lyrics and moods that I put into my ears … My grateful ears say thank you.”

“Not only are you very ‘listenable’ but enduringly so.”
Ed – Chicago, USA

“Listening to Gregg’s music you are carried away by the potent mix of a contemporary urban folk song channeling the ageless traditions of the jewish bard. Gregg in his small way is a New York version of Vysotsky.”
Alex – Geneva, Switzerland

” ‘Pages of my life’ is very touching song – I showed it to my parents, who were impressed by your sophisticated Russian style.”

“New cover of ‘Morning in America’ is amazing, it deserves a place in the charts….”
Oleg – Moscow, Russia

“I can see where your dropout college – Oxford Phd journey is going: the stage and full concert halls – this is where it will lead you. I can hear that you have your own style, and to me this is the most important quality in an artist (so now, if you are broadcasted on the radio, I’ll know for sure if it’s you). Yeah and the quality of the recordings is amazing, not to say that the lyrics resonate with what I feel at times; even now – its like the Angel song.”
Dmitri – Moscow, Russia

“The songs are fabulous, and quite distinct from each other.   In each of the songs, you as an artist explore different facets of yourself.  Today so many artists follow a single approach and style.  I hope that you will always keep your individuality.”
Andrey – Moscow, Russia

2 Comments on “From the Fans”

  • On October 24th, 2011 at 5:48 pm Flore said:

    I can remember your first draft. First songs. First tries with your guitar. Simple cd that you offered to mum (myriam)
    Simple but just amazing i remember i was listening it on my car. I cannot count how many times i have listened it. My fvorite were n’4 and n’6
    I can’t wait to hear the complete final version …and of course one of my favorite:Goodbye and hello!


    One of your first fan

  • On October 25th, 2011 at 8:30 pm Manuela said:

    Morning in America – I have listened to this song an incredible number of times and each and every time I end up with teards in my eyes … it’s simply beautiful!

    Looking forward to the local launch and possible concert in Geneva!

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