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Snowing in April…

Yes, I am afraid that it has been snowing in April in Moscow – a lot! But this lingering snow has brought fresh ideas for songs, and I am putting together a new one called – you guessed it – “Snowing in April.” The song makes fun of a typical day here sitting in traffic, watching the snow fall, and thinking of pastures greener, and warmer…

I am writing the song in connection with a super course I am doing with the Berklee School of Music in the USA. The course is about writing hit songs, and it is very satisfying to look at the tools (rather than rules, of which there are none) of the trade, share songs and ideas with other students, who are talented musicians, and also get excellent feedback from our instructor, who has great experience and insight. Life is a journey of learning and discovery, and that should never end…

I recently celebrated a birthday, and I still remain a forty-something. To mark the occasion, I wrote a mellow, reflective song optimistically called, “The Middle of the Show.” I welcome and embrace middle age, and am finding tremendous delights in my forties. Writing songs and sharing my music with you is certainly one of these delights. I will sign off with the chorus from my new song (click below to hear a short demo), as I wish you the very best in everything you do, as always…

Here in the middle of the show

Trying to stay on track

In life you make your choices, and just move on

And you find… that you never go back

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One Comment on “Snowing in April…”

  • On April 18th, 2012 at 9:26 pm Remy said:

    No entract for this show,
    No choice but to carry on
    So enjoy the precious moment
    And sing Gregg Robin’s songs!

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