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The Magic of the Internet for Music

The internet has changed so much in our lives, and it is hard to imagine how we ever existed without it.  For music and musicians, the internet has made it possible for anyone to create and share music to all corners of the world and with people from all walks of life.  I have personally been a beneficiary of this trend and I am terribly grateful.  On Jango Internet radio, I regularly receive emails that I have new fans from many diverse countries from people with varying musical tastes.  My albums can now be listened to on iTunes radio, Spotify, and many more internet locations, and the reach I can achieve really inspires me. After all, the reason I create and share music is to have people listen to it and enjoy it.

When I look at the range of interest and actual fans I have encountered, I am humbled and inspired. My YouTube page is approaching 5,000 hits, my Jango fan list is almost 1,000 strong, I have over 180 Facebook fans, and when I look at the statistics on my website there is a daily stream of people browsing and listening to my songs.  Since launching my site a couple of years ago, almost 3,000 people have visited – some multiple times – and spent collectively over 250 hours listening.

For all this, I express my most sincere thanks to the many who have supported me and sampled and enjoyed my music!

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