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This New Yorker Admires Boston

We have all been deeply saddened, angered, mesmerised, and so much more, by the recent tragic events that have unfolded in Boston. The people of Boston have endured pain, fear, loss, all the while being filmed and photographed, interviewed, and for some time locked down in the homes.  Their fortitude, generosity for their fellow Bostonians, and their resolve in the face of so much trauma is simply remarkable.

As a New Yorker I remember with great sorrow the events of 9/11, though I witnessed them from afar. New Yorkers, too, bonded together and found tragedy a rallying cry rather than a cause to be afraid.  I have friends in Boston, fond memories of visiting recently, and vivid memories of the great Yankee-Red Sox games over the years.

After everything that has taken place, I was so happy to hear Neil Diamond sing “Sweet Caroline”, with a lot of help from the fans in Fenway Park, and to watch a full stadium rejoice.  Music is such a wonderful elixir.  Neil Diamond is writing a song about Boston and the recent events.  Though far away, I am also writing something to mark the city under siege that rose up and bonded together.  As I sign off I want to share Neil Diamond’s, indeed everyone’s, magical moment at the ballpark…


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  • On April 23rd, 2013 at 11:35 pm Beata said:

    Thanks for sharing this with us I liked it; music make us happy even with in difficult time my heart and prayer go these who experienced these bad events.


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