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In this, my first blog entry, I want to welcome and thank all of you for tuning in. Many of you reading are friends and family, who have supported me and this album project for a long time. You have heard ideas, demos, plans, and more, and you have given me wonderful feedback, encouragement, and the energy to see this all through. My deepest thanks.

Some of you reading are new to me and my music. It is not easy in life to try new things : just think how we debate over trying a new restaurant or seeing a new film… There is so much great music to listen to, and so little precious free time to do so. I am grateful to you for giving my music a chance, and hopeful that it may touch you in some way. I hope very much that you will continue to listen and join me in this wonderful creative journey that is now beginning.

There is something I wish to say to all of you: Dream. This album is the realisation of a dream I have held. It is a dream that has been tested thoroughly as to its strength and staying power. Each of us has dreams inside us, far too varied to talk about, and far too important to let go of. Each of us is capable of seeing our dreams become reality. Each of us deserves to experience our dreams coming true.

I wish you well with your dreams, big and small, as I welcome you into mine…

2 Comments on “Welcome!”

  • On September 14th, 2011 at 8:51 am Arthur said:

    Dear Gregg,

    Marcia and I are looking forward to hearing the final version of the album! We know how good it will be! Let us know when you are touring Switzerland!

  • On September 24th, 2011 at 11:51 am Andrei said:

    Песни потрясающие, они не похожи друг на друга. В каждой песне ты как исполнитель открываешься с разных сторон. В наше время многие артисты поют по шаблонам, желаю тебе всегда оставаться индивидуальностью!!!! Андрей

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